Massage Therapy

Rejuvenate, Recompose, and Renew

Therapeutic Massage

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is a full body relaxation massage using long, light strokes to calm tension in the mind and body.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is geared toward participants in athletics. It is used to help prevent injuries, to prepare the body for athletic activity and maintain it in optimal condition, and to help athletes recover from workouts and injuries. Sports massage has three basic forms: pre-event massage, post-event massage, and maintenance massage. Sports Massage will stimulate blood flow pre-event, reduce swelling of micro-traumas post event, loosen tired, stiff muscles; helps maintain flexibility, remove lactic acid and waste build-up; and reduce cramping. In addition, post-event massage helps speed the athlete’s recovery time and alleviates pulls, strains, and soreness.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage uses slow, firm pressure and techniques such as friction, trigger points, myofascial release, and active release to alleviate knots and chronic pain patterns within your body. It will target the inner layer of your muscles and connective tissue. The therapist will often use forearms and elbows to distribute a stronger level of pressure. It is important to communicate the desired level of firmness for your safety and comfort.

Myofascial Release Massage

“MFR” is the release of your body’s fascia. It is a targeted modiality that stretches and compresses fascia and muscles into a relaxed and flexible state. This stretch can be shallow and light or deep and penetrating. MFR is usually done with no oil or lotion but may be incorporated later into the session.

Series Massages

Massage Add-Ons