Acupuncture Near West Newbury MA

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Acupuncture Near West Newbury MA

If you search for Acupuncture Near West Newbury MA, you will find Insideout Health & Wellness who offers professional acupunture treatment.

Acupuncture has been practiced in China for more than 5,000 years, and over the last few decades it’s gathered considerable interest from those who practice Western medicine, as well as those who prefer alternative therapies. Unlike conventional medical therapies, it aims to solve the root cause of your problem rather than just masking the symptoms. If you’re looking for acupuncture near West Newbury MA, you should check out Insideout Health & Wellness located at 162 Main Street, Wenham, MA 01984. 

Who Can Use Acupuncture Near West Newbury MA?

At Inside Out Health & Wellness, we use acupuncture to treat people from all walks of life. As a gentle therapy that involves placing fine sterile needles into areas of your body that impact your well-being, it’s minimally invasive and entirely safe.

In many cases, the use of acupuncture in Wenham, MA will make your life easier if you can’t use other therapies. For example, many pregnant women suffer from insomnia and headaches, but they can’t use certain pain medications because of their growing baby. Acupuncture acts as a safe alternative that doesn’t pose any risks.

What Is Acupuncture Suitable For?

From depression and anxiety through to urinary problems and digestive disorders, acupuncture is ideal for treating a large number of conditions. It’s also adept at resolving the side effects of chronic pain conditions that are difficult to manage. One such condition is fibromyalgia, which often comes with symptoms that have a negative effect on the patient’s life.

Other ways you can use acupuncture includeTo reduce stress

  • To sleep better
  • To balance your appetite
  • To address menstrual disorders
  • To limit the pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome
  • And more!

How Does Acupuncture Treatment Work?

After discussing your current health concerns and any on-going conditions, your acupuncturist will identify the areas of your body they want to treat. Acupuncture involves inserting fine needles into different parts of the body, with the aim of treating conditions that may arise in other areas. It works on the basis that disease, pain, and mental imbalances arise when something disrupts the energy in your body. By placing the needles in certain locations, your therapist will remove blocks to your energy and provide relief.

Depending on the nature of your condition, you may find that you need more than one session with us. However, when you commit to regular acupuncture near West Newbury MA, you stand a stronger chance of reaching peak health.

To arrange an appointment with our acupuncturist, call us at (978) 468 9294.

Acupuncture Near West Newbury MA
Acupuncture Near West Newbury MA
Acupuncture Near West Newbury MA